Main Cast

Charlie Nevin (Director) –   Born in England, raised in North London developed a natural talent for directing. His outstanding film work has led to him winning the National Film Award for Best Director 4 times. He had 3 number 1 box office films in 2016 alone, that’s 8 number 1 box office hits over his career spanning 10 years





Steven Peters (Father) – Liam Walker- An actor and producer, born in Northern Ireland, moved to England in his childhood. Won 2 awards for best male actor ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.


Louise Peters (Daughter) – Sara Zielinska- Born in Poland moved, to England at the Age of 4. Sara was a natural in front of the camera so much so that she was spotted at the young age of 12 and made it to the big screen at just 15. At the tender age of 19, she already has a best supporting actress award under her belt.


CJ (Gang leader) – Jack Wilkes- Green- Born in UK

raised in North London. A multi-talented youngster known to many for his singing/song writing, acting and producer. His talented musical background began his career, leading him to 2 music awards and 1 award for Best Actor.


Helen Peters (Mother)– Monica Peters- Born in Spain, moved to the UK age 3 starred in Independent films from the age of 12. Her first big role in Westenders, led to her producing and acting in Hollywood films.









Gang members-

-Lukas Heiler                                                    -Brandon Lee

-James Booker                                                  -Chloe Peverill

-Harry Grosch                                                   -Daniel Staffer

-Kyle Staffer                                                      – Mo Abi

Viewer Comments

“5 Star film! I’d definitely recommend it to all of my friends”

“Must watch film!  By far the best film I’ve seen in the last 5 years”

“Simply amazing”



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