The Story Behind The MADNESS

A gripping, edgy thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seats!

Set to be 2017’s new blockbuster, Recoil has received rave reviews at its premiere. Release date:  February 19th

Set in North London, ex gangster Steven Peters is due to be released from prison after serving a 7-year sentence. After leaving behind a wife and 10-year-old daughter to serve his time, Steven is determined to do things differently and make a fresh start, leaving his old life of crime far behind him.

His release date finally arrives and his world is rocked when he discovers that his daughter has taken the same, destructive path and has joined the North London gang ‘The Gaps’.  Steven learns that Paula is involved in gang fights, often getting into trouble with the police, most disturbingly, The Gaps are notorious killers.

Steven did his homework and devised a plan of action to rescue Paula from their clutches in the only way that he knew how. He contacted a friend from the old days who provided him with the tools necessary to protect them both. Fully armed and with a plan of action, Steven set off to get his daughter whether she liked it or not.

What should’ve been a simple operation turned out to be something far more challenging. His rescue mission was going to take longer than he thought, the gang were far more organised than he had hoped. He would have to bide his time and strategically take out each member of the gang until he got his daughter back where she belonged. Finally, after 3 days, he had eliminated 18 out of the 20 gang members. There was just the leader left and Paula would finally be free. Steven was preparing for the last kill when he noticed their numbers were multiplying and they were clearly their new recruits.

Unbeknownst to Steven, Paula’s plan was working beautifully, her Father had been just as predictable as she’d hoped. Thanks to him she was now top dog and the leader of The Gaps. Eventually, Steven realises what’s going on and he backs off until one night, a frustrated Paula pulls a gun on him, instinctively Steven draws his gun too. Who will survive this face off?

This is just a snapshot of this dynamic thriller which is predicted to break box office records. With a star studded cast, and an action packed story line, it’s a definite must see.


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